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Our tank storage facilities for the storage of petroleum and petrochemical products are designed for long-term storage of all types of petroleum products are made of metal (metal tanks - vertical steel tank PBC, CSG horizontal steel tank), concrete (concrete tanks or concrete tanks), frame and soft polymers. Our Tank storage facilities include Underground and overground tank storage facilities, floating tank strorage facilities and we have recently developed the highly efficient Flexible tank storage facilities which is very vital for the storage of large quantity of petroleum products within a short time frame. .
Terminals & storage
Energy companies use complex networks of onshore terminals, storage tanks, blending facilities and pipelines. These bulk logistical facilities take crude oil from ships, storing and delivering it to the refinery at the right time. Similarly, they store and blend refined product to create the exact specifications required in certain markets before transporting it on to the end customer.
Terminal Capacity
Capacity in cbm 35,000 cbm,. Number of tanks 20., varying from 500 cbm to 4000 cbm., The majority of the tanks is suitable for the storage of various products., The majority of the tanks can be heated as well. Connections Barges and sea vessels. Maximum draught 8.5 metres Quay length 140 metres for barges and sea vessels. Quay capacity 11000 DWT max.
VORONOVO-TERMINAL provides container transportation services. At your service railway and sea transport. As a rule, such transportations are especially relevant in the intercontinental directions, which is explained by the convenience and economy of this type of vehicles. ITB "Terminal" provides sea and rail container transportation of goods from the countries of South-East Asia, North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe.
Combined transportation
Such transportations represent a special type of mixed transport - combined. Combined transportation is the carriage of goods in the same cargo unit, transport equipment, which include large-capacity containers, swap bodies, semi-trailers and road vehicles (vans), Using several modes of transport.
Transportation of non-standard and dangerous cargoes
We offer you our services in the field of road haulage of a wide range of various cargoes: oversized, bulky, heavy and non-standard goods on the territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of Europe, the CIS ITB Terminal is ready to offer a wide choice of cars with a carrying capacity from 10tn. Up to 30 tons, with different type of loading, As well as a special rolling stock for transportation of agricultural machinery and oversized cargo with a loading height of 50 cm and a lifting capacity of up to 150 tons.
Transportation planning
Transport planning is an important aspect of the transport process. This is due both to the reduction in the length of the CEC commercial transactions and to the increase in the cost of storage, the need to respond to changes in consumer demand. So, The cost of producing some goods is only the eye of LO 10 per cent of the value of the goods, while the cost of delivery can be up to 50 per cent. This is why in a competitive environment one way to attract customers is to optimize design and transport planning.
Also, the tanks for oil products are often used for temporary storage of transformer oil in the routine maintenance of oil transformers. In the past, virtually all crude oil and most petroleum products are mainly stored in metal containers, such as RVS. Currently, the storage of transformer oils, and other oil and mineral oil started to use our Modern Flexible tanks. This is a good solution because the storage of transformer oils, metal tanks, steel, there are significant disadvantages: the big weight, a considerable amount of capacity and the need for protection from rain and corrosion.


VORONOVO-TERMINAL, is a company created with the main goal of storage and transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products, with several branches located all over the russian federation and major Russian Commercial Sea ports and Terminals. We have developend our services and are at the fore front in the design and maintanance of high quality tank farm facilities modernization and sea transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products.

VORONOVO-TERMINAL, as a tank farm and maritime shipping company of petroleum and petrochemical products.

12th Strategic Congress on Crude oil

Export priorities for companies and marketing strategy in the context of global prices turbulence. Where to find funding for the creation of new transport infrastructure to new markets?
The role of the exchange in trades structuring: major players of the Russian and international exchange segment. What are the main problems of the exchange trade development in Russia?
Construction of new port facilities in the field of hydrocarbon exports. What is the forecast of cargo flows of oil and condensate via the Northern Sea Route?
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