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Rotterdam oil storage terminal project
Plans to build a three million m3 crude oil storage terminal in the Port of Rotterdam have been The Port Authority says that it may be possible to develop the terminal project with another interested party now that the site is available again given the 'highly dynamic nature of the global oil sector, including that in Russia, and developments in the handling of oil products in Rotterdam.

Texas oil storage tank fire motivates a construction of owned VORONOVO-TERMINAL
A fire broke out at a crude oil tank farm near Houston on 12th May. Around 100 homes were evacuated but no one was hurt. Investigators are trying to determine whether lightning struck one of the tanks amid thunderstorms in the area. At least four tanks were set alight, and the blaze was brought under control within a few hours. The terminal is located in Beach City, about 30 miles east of Houston. VORONOVO-TERMINAL are management are working on construction OOO VORONOVO-TERMINAL and owned storage in Houston


OOO VORONOVO-TERMINAL, is a company created with the main goal of storage and transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products, with several branches located all over the russian federation and major Russian Commercial Sea ports and Terminals. We have developend our services and are at the fore front in the design and maintanance of high quality tank farm facilities modernization and sea transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products.

OOO VORONOVO-TERMINAL, as a tank farm and maritime shipping company of petroleum and petrochemical products.

12th Strategic Congress on Crude oil

Export priorities for companies and marketing strategy in the context of global prices turbulence. Where to find funding for the creation of new transport infrastructure to new markets?
The role of the exchange in trades structuring: major players of the Russian and international exchange segment. What are the main problems of the exchange trade development in Russia?
Construction of new port facilities in the field of hydrocarbon exports. What is the forecast of cargo flows of oil and condensate via the Northern Sea Route?
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