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The range of services includes both Russian, Netherland, USA cargo and Petroleum Product Storage, Moving organized by us as optimal, reliable system, which is distinguished by exceptional precision, efficiency and safety. The quality of transport services of the company "VORONOVO-TERMINAL" - is careful and attentive attitude to time and the customer's requirements. As our customer, you can get current information about the whereabouts of the goods. On our site you can order the cargo and get answers to all the questions and contact us by phone
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VORONOVO-TERMINAL- a strategic object in its region, located near several refinery, where the fuel enters the tank farm by pipeline. The reconstruction and modernization was completed in 2014. The combined volume of the tank farm - 18 million Metric tonnes per year, the volume of transshipment - 8 million Tons per year. Power tank farm allows us to serve hundreds of tanker trucks a day.

Reconstruction of tank farms and construction of new facilities - priority projects of VORONOVO-TERMINAL. Proper maintanance of the tank farm base can guarantee the safety of the amount and quality of fuel, as well as making labor more technological professionals and skilled. The first year of operation of the VORONOVO-TERMINAL after reconstruction demonstrates that due to the almost complete automation of object sets a new standard in the industry, both in efficiency and safety, and level of service as a whole. The experience gained will be used in the reconstruction of tank farms other companies.

VORONOVO-TERMINAL continiously implements a special program for complex reconstruction of the tank farms In order to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, small volumes of oil depots transferred to larger objects included in the reconstruction program. This will reduce unit operating costs for transshipment of petroleum products, and its volume will increase twofold. Draft comprehensive reconstruction is implemented without stopping the process and does not affect the fuel supply to our partners.


VORONOVO-TERMINAL, is a company created with the main goal of storage and transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products, with several branches located all over the russian federation and major Russian Commercial Sea ports and Terminals. We have developend our services and are at the fore front in the design and maintanance of high quality tank farm facilities modernization and sea transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products.

VORONOVO-TERMINAL, as a tank farm and maritime shipping company of petroleum and petrochemical products.

12th Strategic Congress on Crude oil

Export priorities for companies and marketing strategy in the context of global prices turbulence. Where to find funding for the creation of new transport infrastructure to new markets?
The role of the exchange in trades structuring: major players of the Russian and international exchange segment. What are the main problems of the exchange trade development in Russia?
Construction of new port facilities in the field of hydrocarbon exports. What is the forecast of cargo flows of oil and condensate via the Northern Sea Route?
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